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Los Angeles, CA     August 14, 2012

Precipice Labs Announces FreezePaint 2.0, a Significant Upgrade to the Top 10 Photo-Remixing iPhone App  


Powerful yet extraordinarily simple, FreezePaint introduced a compelling and unique approach to creating images with its “Photography Remixed” functionality. 

Today Precipice Labs introduces version 2.0 of this popular application.  Building on the success of FreezePaint’s initial release (which made it into the Top 10 in the App Store under the ‘Photography’ category), version 2.0 introduces several compelling new features including:

●  Full Support for the front-facing camera:  Users can now remix their own face into their creations using the front camera, and quickly switch back and forth between the two cameras while creating their images.

●  Native iPad support: FreezePaint now runs natively on the iPad, taking full advantage of its larger display area.

●  Significantly enhanced sharing options:  In addition to a general redesign of the sharing workflow, FreezePaint 2.0 now includes support for popular photo-sharing services Instagram and Muzy. 

With FreezePaint the possibilities are endless.  Put your friend’s face onto your dog’s body.  Capture multiple key moments from a sporting event into a dynamic photo.  Collage broad landscapes or tiny details into abstract art.  Or create a story about an important occasion by ‘scrapbooking’ various elements from it into a single image.   

FreezePaint was created by a team of former Apple developers led by Ron Brinkmann.  A veteran of the feature-film visual effects world, Brinkmann was the Product Designer for Apple’s Shake compositing software and also worked on Apple’s Aperture photo-management system.  

Says Brinkmann:  “With FreezePaint, your creativity is your only limit...   from complex visual effects trickery to fast and fun collaging, FreezePaint is the ultimate tool for ‘remixing’ the world around you into stunning new imagery that has never been seen before.

“Version 2.0 now allows people to use the front camera as well as the back camera, opening up all sorts of new creative possibilities.  We’re seeing an exponential increase in the level of engagement this provides, because you can immediately get started on remixing your own face into amazingly amusing and wonderfully weird portraits.  It also makes it much simpler to remix portions of your own face with those of your friends.”

FreezePaint eliminates the cumbersome method that most photo-compositing tools like Photoshop require where you must take multiple photos, load them into an application, generate masks, reposition elements, manage layers, etc., etc.  In fact, FreezePaint is simple enough to make it an engaging toy even for young children - if they can point the camera with one hand and paint on the screen with the other finger, they can use FreezePaint!

Pricing and Availability:

FreezePaint 2.0 is available immediately for purchase through Apple's App Store (or by visiting http://www.freezepaintapp.com) at the reduced price of 99¢ (USD).  This discounted pricing will end after two weeks and the app will return to the normal $1.99.

Review copies are available to the media upon request.


Features include:

- Paint to freeze, or Erase to remove previously frozen portions of an image.

- Full support for both Front and Back cameras.

- Variable brush size for broad strokes or fine details.

- Share images via robust integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Muzy.  You can, of course, also email images to friends and family directly from within FreezePaint.  

- Images will always be mirrored to your photo library.

System Requirements:

Any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with a camera running iOS 4.2 or newer.

Further Information:

Website: www.freezepaintapp.com

Sample Images: favorites.freezepaintapp.com

Contact: press@freezepaintapp.com

Press Materials: press.freezepaintapp.com

iTunes Store Link:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id509401824?ls=1




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